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About Our Company

We are a family run business based in Leicester, United Kingdom we employ no one and have no big overheads to pay out managed day to day by Glynn all servers are leased and therefore not out responsibility to maintain ourselves other than a lease per year.


Our serer is located in Manchester and operational twenty four hours a day seven days a week, we have been leasing this server since 2006 when we first started with just a one pound investment, we donate all your rentals per year to local charities minus our lease fee.


Therefore we make no profits at all and have a motto and belief that "Only family matters?"

I run this joint day to day, i keep your accounts from going offline as well as make sure your listed with all major search engines, i also remove any content that maybe against our policies so just watch yourselves. My background is in Information Technology with a degree in Network management and Information Technology i'm very well qualified to run this sadly thought not from my home as i suffer from a complex health condition which limits my daily life and means i can spend weeks or months in hospital without mush warning due to infections, this condition i've suffered with all my life and have become extremely used to it so work around it most of the time.

Glynn Finney

Professional team

"Where Family Matters?"


A big part our lives is family hence our motto, we believe that everyone in life should have the oppertunity to make themselves batter in everything they do regardless or the finnacial status or education, therefore we have a policy which means that should you be any of the following we will be happy to give you web hosting at a drastically low price on the understanding that your help to promote us where ever possible throughout the time you have hosting with us.


Call it a sponsorship from us to you!! We will support you in hosting a website and emails as well as buying a domain name and even point you in the right direction so that you can get publicity items printed, but everything else is upto you that includes designing your websites, we can provide you with the apps to allow you to design it yourself. But we will not do it for you.

So to get a cheap web hosting package you must prove you meet anyone of the following conditions.


  1. Are a single parent bringing up young children alone
  2. Are a carer of a young person with a disability
  3. Be unemployed but have the necessary skills to start your own business.